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Sun Sunych

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1989 - birth in the Soviet Union

2004 to2006 - first rhymes / songs / freestyles / battles/ performances/ home and pro studio - recordings

2008 to 2012 - performances throughout Ukraine: clubs, battles, festivals ... (over 50 locations)

2010 to 2011 - trips to the USA, freestyles and songs in English, performances in the local clubs, songs on the radio, forming an English-speaking alter-ego Alex East Bloc

2011 - Participated in 2 big freestyle battles in Ukraine, 2nd and 3rd place

2012 - Release of EP-album "The wall of sheep" (21.12.12, anagram for "End of the world" in Russian). The video for the song "Abnormal mania"

2013 - Foundation of the group Lemniscatorz (with Andwert). Video for the song "Life"

2014 - Release of LP HYBRIS on LibreCommeLair (France). Work on 3 albums (Solo EP, in group Lemniscatorz, with Ukrainian singer M. Zakharchenko). Participations in online and offline battles "

1989 - naissance en Union Sovietique

2004 a 2006 - premiers morceaux, rimes, freestyles, battles, performances et enregistrements studio 2008 a 2012 - performances a travers l'Ukraine: clubs, battles, festivals ... (plus de 50 dates)

2010 a 2011 - voyages aux USA, freestyles et compositions en anglais, performances en clubs, diffusions radio, formation de mon alter-ego anglais Alex East Block

2011 - Participation a 2 grosses battles freestyle en Ukraine : 2e et 3e place

2012 - Sortie du mini-album"The wall of sheep" (21.12.12, anagramme de "Fin du monde" en Russe). Clip video du titre "Abnormal mania"

2013 - Fondation du groupe Lemniscatorz (avec Andwert). Clip video du titre "Life" 2014 - Sortie de l'album "HYBRIS" sur LibreCommeLair (France). Travail en parallèle sur 3 albums (Solo, avec le groupe Lemniscatorz, avec le chanteur ukrainien M. Zakharchenko). Participations à des battles online et offline

Sun Sunych

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